About ArtBot

painting of a robot painting robots
ArtBot is an unofficial front-end web client designed for interacting with the Stable Horde distributed cluster.
Stable Horde is an open source platform that utilizes idle GPU power provided by a community of generous users that allows anyone to create generative AI artwork on their own computers or mobile devices. More information is available on the Stable Horde page and you can also join their Discord server for further discussion on the technology behind the cluster, as well as tools built on top of the platform (such as ArtBot).
This particular web app was initially built as a side project by davely as a way to experiment with various client-side technology, such as IndexedDB and LocalStorage APIs. These APIs allow you to securely and privately store the AI generated images you've created with the cluster within your own browser. The UI components are built using NextJS.
The source code is available on Github. Feedback and contributions are welcome! Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter at @davely, on Mastodon at @davely@mastodon.world or on Discord at rockbandit#4910. If you have found this service useful, I'd be grateful if you were to consider buying me a coffee (seriously, I love coffee). Regardless, I hope you are creating some awesome art! Cheers.
-Dave Schumaker

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